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She was the one that seemed the most mature enough to make a decision of great risk and importance that affected thousands, if not millions. Very good I like the expression of Sally in the third panel. Big booty big tits latina. I always made it a personal mission to try and introduce flaws to her myself.

I realize this picture is old, but it DOES say "no excuses! These wars have got to stop. Sally acorn naked. And just informing, top 10 the dumbest reasons to hate Sally Acorn: Because Amy at the time had no abilities that made her freedom fighter material unlike tails.

They should have taken a bit more time in making her character and in writing her properly. Can you image how hot it gets in a forest in the summer. ALSO, because she is a strong female role model and a not a damsel in distress, it makes her a target They are not favorably looked upon for some reason. She really doesn't deserve to be hated by everyone else. Please keep in mind that I'm not condoning this by any means. Big fat black girls naked. At least Sally isn't too oversexualized like the Mink is.

The prizes, this time, will be free requests from: It's not as if the vest really covers up Sally, but for some reason Archie believes this small item of clothing makes the comic more kid-friendly. Gender doesn't matter in this situation, what matters is wearing clothes while you already have fur on your body is a bad health risk, not only makes survival problems much worse, it also overheats the body and may cause it to eventually die, even at winter. I hate it that people hates Sally all because she's naked!

I say this as somebody whose own gallery is filled with rather single-minded themes. So please explain to me how the fuck is Sally a surrogate Amy Rose? Please explain to me what's your excuse for his behavior in that show. Bunny is going back to cyborg meaning everything she dreamed of -being normal- is thrown out because "she's weak without her robotics". A creator's pet is what happens when a writer gets too attached to a certain character, in this case Sally, Acorn.

Tags Separated by spaces Tagging help. If you want to use part of this pic as a group banner, just tell The males don't wear pants, shorts, or shirts! Sally is just the voice of reason, she has no personality quirks or traits that make her stand out from her cast. Now, I am not here to list my problems wit.

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The problem I have with Amy is that she has the worse fans ever. Aside from bitching about how she was depicted in the comics, they complain about her not joining the Freedom Fighters and using some spell to wish herself older.

I love the coloring and shading in particular. Hot lesbian teacher fucks student. Not by a long shot. Since most of them aren't very familiar with the Archie cast, they hear others hating on Sally or they learn about Sally's bad moments by either reading that one panel or getting their information off everyone else without actually learning about Sally on their own.

The cloths reflect her tomboy personality and had to be comfortable to wear in the forest. Season Two as well as the comics were mostly limited to one writer so things would obviously be a bit more limited. Sally acorn naked. Nobody on the planet is exactly like. It's as revealing then as it is in this submission, so it's pointless to include it on Sally.

While the series has somewhat implied that dragon. And for those who keep on bringing up Tails, he got training by force, because unlike Amy, Tails grew up with the Freedom Fighters and had to train since Robotnik had already taken over Mobotropolis, Tails had no other choice.

Previous 1 2 3 Next. It could be that because she's bland and boring any spark of character, emotion or energy jars as people don't expect it. Redhead freckled tits. It really gets on my nerves that such a down to earth character constantly gets crapped on. You said it was up and it wasn't. Sonic had never expressed any romantic interest in Amy whatsoever outside of possibly Sonic Boom. In fact I have read the comics. Which seems to be most of the franchise In short, it's not Sally that needs improvement: Whenever she is suppose to fight someone who is smarter than her, she either avoids them or outwits them quickly in a very underwhelming manner.

Also, the other members of the Freedom Fighters had their fair share of stories as well. Both Sonic and Antione agreed with both of them. Sonic the Hedgehog by GammaEradon.

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This seemed like an instance to setup a role reversal and show Sally keeping your temper isn't always easy, but not only is Khan and the others completely ineffectual in calming her, but her temper is treated as completely badass and justified.

I don't think she's bad at all. Are you by chance still reading the comics? Please don't use the 48h FFD reason if you wish to flag your own upload as an inferior version to something else. Asian escort in sacramento. I hate karl bollers for to do that Rotor was demoted to extra because the producer Len Janson didn't like him for some reason.

The stories didn't make that much sense at the time to begin with, and they were pretty style over substance for the most part. History Flag History Recent approvals Help.

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SEXY NUDE GIRL SELFIE Aww, she needs a hug And this comic has suffered gravely for it as Sally is now the go to character for what ever is needed of a female to provide.
Shaggy butt naked Then he meets Amy, and though I haven't hinted at it yet, chances are that if they don't get together in my story, there would most certainly be hints of Sonic and Amy possibly come together in the future, at a time where both are ready.
Milf with silicone tits It's not severe with Sally but it definitely shows with characters like Sonic himself. Now I could into how this issue telegraphs everything in the next arc too much that either too much has been revealed and it will all be predictable or this is all a fake out and this either issue will be pointless.
Most hot sexy girl Tails is just as old as I am and he is one Nate ut he was already one with 6 so he has more experience than you now that you both are 8. I do not care who you are.

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