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From an evolutionary standpoint, human beings, both male and female, are hunters. Lesbian chat apps free. Despite that purpose, which is in the photographer's head, most of those kinds of photos wind up simply being exploitive. I have had no success in any attempt at a rational discussion with biblical inerrantists on certain matters, and the issue of nudity in art is one of those matters.

You see the environment, her posture, the mood it's creating. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on why profanity comes up for him regarding this subject and what profanity related to nudity is, or what it's at least close to or about even in general terms. Indus arthur nude. There is no room or need for any sort of sly look or leer -- people are simply who and what they are. My top peeking open and my exhaled breath getting caught in it, creating an unexpected breeze.

In some places, it would not cause a stir at all. That being said I always figured women with their nice stretchy yoga clothes had it easier, but I guess not! It's just not the first thing you see. Thus the answer to whether nude is art or not is also an answer derived from that conflict. I never got my M. Hobo ahle nude. It is not my immediate concern.

It also allowed me to reach poses more easily and hold them, as there was no competition with material. I really like Banksy, and I wouldn't call his work 'fine art' either. It is just not expressed as openly in society as the male reaction to a nubile pretty female. Sure she's covering her bits, but she doesn't look like she's overly bothered about the whole thing. In other words, though I have spent a lot of time trying to establish that the nude form is not considered inherently sexual across all cultures more precisely, not to the same degree in all culturesthe appeal of the nude for most persons is admittedly linked to the erotic content.

Good luck answering that one. But knowing that this resulted from my drinking I have sought professional help and have been seeing Dr. Something like that is ostensibly what is being done on the photo forums, but, if so, then it is not typically being done very well. When looking at a photograph of a sculpture of the Arcadian goat-god of lust Pan having sex with a goat [ Pan and Goat from the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, Roman 1st century C.

He had a few drinks in him, and was pushing me around and telling me how she was his now. No one who owes one today is laughing, except all the way to the bank.

I've run through a myriad of emotions trying to understand how I feel about this question. That implantation grew somewhere along the line to sexual attraction among various species including us.

Leigh, I'm not an Ivy Leaguer myself.

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It's one of the reasons I resist going in that direction in my own work, and when I have gone in that direction I do it with an awareness, I hope.

So the question is what makes a nude photograph a good work of art? I have heard it said that the fact that a person thinks about something a great deal indicates that he or she is disturbed by it.

Yes, I know you are looking at my body because it interests you, sexually, but you do not possess my thoughts and they are likely to be foreign to yours In other words I don't give a She had just sold the tires from her car to buy food.

In the case of Sturges, he is literally immersed in his work. This observation would apply to the covered or dressed figure, not only the nude one. Tamil aunties naked pics. Indus arthur nude. Yet they are loosely in the genre of nude study or classically nude figures. In itself, candidness is not necessarily either authentic or honest, especially when captured in a photo. I agree with him; I think he's right The notion of doing a "study" of the classical photographic nude is strongly compelling no doubt.

Art, IMO, is best not understood as a classification with particular qualities.

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With " reason- ably," he would be emphasizing purpose. The nude represents a timeless moment, where the camera, fashion, defined beauty, and morality simply don't exist. One doesn't need to go to extremes, of course. But when I come to think of it, I don't think I have come across any female photographers that produce "naked" shots. 34b boobs nude. Nudity, sexuality, line, form, shape, reproduction, cultural inputs.

The original question was a photographic one, however. I'm riffing on his mention of Aquinas and Lannie's bringing up candidness. February 27, at We have such an intimate relationship with our own and others' bodies that its uniqueness and fascination for us makes sense. If only Pete had chosen medicine, perhaps … But that sort of thinking got you nowhere.

If I were asking this last question, we would be back, I think, to matters of photographic technique as the primary explanation of what can elevate the nude from the gutter, but that is not at all what I am talking about here. It's obvious that here, the photographer's perspective influences the final result as much as the posing and lighting do.

This just in well, just seen by me: By this I do not mean that nudity does not enhance the image; I mean that the nudity is not the image itself.

Thank you for refining your original statement as well.

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June 8, at Candidness is neither honesty nor authenticity. The picture also needs to show what she might be looking at. Lesbian poison ivy porn. I do think, however, that the mystery of the nude's appeal continues to elude me.

And Luis's question "but do not all the senses come into play here? To me, violence is profane. In itself, candidness is not necessarily either authentic or honest, especially when captured in a photo.

Don, since there seems to be no objective standards on such matters, I would have to say that the "trashy nude" is in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes, it's a matter of excellent craft combined with breaking new ground that elevates to the level of art what might otherwise be considered pornography. I hope we can continue this thread for a while longer. Paul, do I sense a small bit of cynicism, or just a practical list of the current mode of nude photography, that some of us wish to escape from to make something akin to original art. Erotic massage cum As is, it simply looks like she is hiding her face from the camera.

Dancing Girl bronzeMohenjo-daro Artist unknown, pre-historic Year c. The qoute within her text is taken from an essay by Iris M.

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