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Nana bear nude

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And all 3 of these women look disgusting. Nice big latina tits. He stopped cosplaying because "his reputation was ruined" until now I guess. Does she have that much of an ego?? Asian japanese Nana mochizuki 4 I'd say Momo anyway, at least Jnig is almost 30…. Nana bear nude. She constantly lies to make herself sound better when it's usually a bunch of lies.

These two are so horrible. She'll probably milk it for people thinking SHE made it until someone calls her out on it. Unfortunately, it affects the reputation of the Patreon system. Both days she did some photos and then I hardly saw her around. Also it's where she posts stuff that she won't post elsewhere, like that walk of shame. Gold digging at it's finest. Naked images hot. It must be the most obnoxious circle jerk session. She never and I mean it she never never never even tried to get into character she just makes the dumb zoo lander look and uses MySpace angles to hide her crooked nose much like momokunt used them to hide her weight gain.

Blowjob eating grandpa Nana funk pussy licked and blows old cock 5: Va Samus of course. If you're going to sell yourself as a professional cosplayer then fucking act like one. Nobody finds them empowering or remotely attractive to even back up on when there's some badass female cosplayers with amazing fucking talent to list.

Nana bear nude

Makes me feel partly bad for Jnig tbh. Got them all in a panic! Better than Moomoo's travesty at least. This sums up pretty much everything new posters need to know about her attitude. Sure moves fast from relationship to relationship.

Also, she calls Jnig "Mom" a lot lol. People hate her because she's so fucking lazy. And better yet, get out of this community. It's incredibly flat in all the phone photos and selfies of her.

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But, with proof from a few screenshots in one of the last threads, you claimed in your DeviantArt blog that you wanted to be "cosfamous"?

She hasn't done any of the planned "bigger projects" and the posts are from like… March or April. She'll do anything for attention and fame and let's be real the reason these threads about her were started was because she's a bitch who will do anything if she thinks it'll further herself or are we all choosing to forget about how she literally showed up to tell us how spiteful and jealous we were of the attention her spandex suit was getting her and how she was better than us because she was more 'popular'.

Outside all the makeup, filters and cosplay, he looks pretty chunky too. Julianne hough tits. It's momo we're talking about. It's like the primary subject of the thread is argument and Mariah is taking a back seat. Unless she means big as in fat, she can shove it up her ass.

I was going to post the same pic but you guys beat me to it. Both of them also seem pretty obsessed with IvyDoomKitty and social justice body positivity crap they shelve to hide their poor craftsmanships.

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She was put in charge of the Instinct panel and was complaining about it before it even started. If they thought hanging out with good cosplayers would help them look good, they were really wrong. We've already seen the Samus bikini so why retweet the status about it again? This is peoples livelihoods we are talking about Spamming will not be tolerated: She may have just said it, misspoke, or exaggerated.

Those haters will go and follow Momo, gives her huge exposure. Nana bear nude. It's incredibly flat in all the phone photos and selfies of her. Great hot tits. Welcome to Patreon Girls Patreon is a site that allows creators to get paid by way of a monthly subscription.

No wonder why they always look so sloppy. You could get free rides to conventions to be a guest or have sweaty neckbeards buy stuff of your Amazon wishlist, but people didn't really make bank from it. I already stated earlier that she probably wasn't talking about her, ha-ha. If anything the photoshop and corsetting and everything she does to hide her body comes from her shit personality and love of lying.

NSFW tags are also allowed at the poster's discretion as well when needed. Unlike gabby; momos ass is flat without photoshop and two layers of tights. Surprised this basic bitch didn't post pictures from the minions ride ahahah. Young brunette lesbians. She is a chubby girl and when she smiles or she has a turtleneck which is what that d. Again, lied about it.

She does this all the time, "changes herself" for like a week and then goes back to the same shit she always does.

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